Practice Areas

The Law Office of Patrice Sheridan is located in Washington, DC, and focuses on contract law, commercial law, international law, human rights law, media law, civil trial consultant services and criminal trial consultant services. Attorney Patrice Sheridan gives each case the time it deserves and provides practical, effective legal solutions for her clients’ problems. She works closely with her clients and considers her clients’ problems as her own. When you meet attorney Patrice Sheridan, expect to meet a legal professional who truly cares.

Contract Law

Written contracts are binding and enforceable through an offer and acceptance. Sometimes one party to the contract may not live up to their duties and responsibilities. When this happens, there is a breach of duty. The breach of duty may involve an employee contract or vendor contract, which can result in a loss of revenue. Attorney Patrice Sheridan offers options for breach of contract, which can ensure specific performance. Some contracts even have a clause that stipulates arbitration must be used to resolve contract disputes. If the contract calls for arbitration, she helps clients prepare for the meeting and acts as a legal coach. She can also file a lawsuit to battle out disputes in court. In addition to providing legal services for breach of contract, she can also draft, revise, review and negotiate contracts for her clients. All around, attorney Patrice Sheridan is committed to acting in the best interests of the business.

International Law

In today’s world, it’s common for companies to do business across borders. Attorney Patrice Sheridan counsels clients on the rules of trading between countries, prepares legal trade documents for global clients and advises clients of tax and business regulations. Clients can also get legal help for setting up business in a foreign country or dissolving one.

Commercial Law

Commercial law stipulates the regulations that businesses must follow when conducting business. It governs principal and agent relationships, sales of goods and services, leases, security interests, business bankruptcy and business tax planning. As a commercial law attorney, Patrice Sheridan handles legal issues for companies when they arise. She also assists with helping her clients negotiate business deals and defends her clients’ business interests in court when deals go south.

Human Rights Law

As a human rights attorney, Patrice Sheridan fights for victims of wrongful imprisonment, human trafficking, torture and wrongful death. It’s not uncommon globally for detainees and prisoners to be denied their basic human rights of due process and health care. Human trafficking occurs worldwide. Whether it’s wrongful imprisonment, human trafficking, torture or wrongful death, attorney Patrice Sheridan is a strong legal advocate for victims. She is passionate about protecting her clients’ human rights.

Media Law

Media law involves media of all types, including music, film, advertising, publishing and TV. Often it overlaps into other areas, such as intellectual property, privacy and finance. One of the most common issues related to media law is intellectual property. This includes copyright infringement, trademarks, patents and licensing. These types of issues can cause enormous revenue losses to the music, movie and TV industries along with losses for individual artists. Other issues that arise in media law entail libel, slander and defamation of character. These issues can be devastating to a celebrity or music company. Attorney Patrice Sheridan is there to protect the rights of her clients involved in the entertainment industry. She knows what’s at stake and takes the proper legal action on behalf of her clients.

Civil Trial Consultant Services

Attorney Patrice Sheridan is the eyes and ears for clients and legal professionals facing a civil trial down the road. Her civil trial consultant services include strategies for jury selection, developing trial opening and closing statements, trial graphics, monitoring the trial through shadow juries and providing real-time feedback on the daily courtroom dynamics. Her civil trial consultant services also set the stage for understanding which cases to settle before the jury enters the courtroom and which cases to battle it out in the courtroom. With her civil trial consultant services, clients can gain insight about their case and increase their chances for a win. You’ve got an outsider looking in for an objective opinion and suggestions.

Criminal Trial Consultant Services

With attorney Patrice Sheridan’s criminal trial consultant services, you can ramp up your team’s case preparations for a favorable outcome. Attorney Patrice Sheridan has in-depth knowledge of the criminal trial process and delivers the facts. Preparation is key to success in a criminal trial. Attorney Patrice Sheridan’s criminal trial consultant services include theme development, presentation analysis, witness assessment, jury profiling, courtroom exhibits, mediation preparation and more. With witness assessment, the defense team can properly evaluate its impact and modify its defense strategy. An aggressive cross-examination may be in order. She assists throughout the whole criminal justice process. No matter which criminal trial consultant services you opt for, she closely collaborates with you about her assessment of the case.

When you meet with attorney Patrice Sheridan, expect personalized attention. While you’re not her only client, you’ll feel like you are. Get the legal advice and guidance needed to protect your rights and your best interests. Call attorney Patrice Sheridan.