Washington D.C. Attorney | Patrice M. Sheridan

Compassionate, effective legal counsel is a priority for clients. A knowledgeable lawyer with a unique ability to build strong client-attorney relationships, Patrice Sheridan offers a personalized approach. Your current legal concerns may seem hopelessly complex, but with representation from the Law Office of Patrice Sheridan, a favorable resolution is possible.

Service Area

The Law Office of Patrice Sheridan is located in Washington, D.C.  Patrice Sheridan primarily assists those living in Massachusetts and the D.C. area. However, if deemed lawful and appropriate, she can also provide nationwide legal service via the internet.

Practice Areas

A versatile lawyer, Patrice Sheridan is willing to assist clients with a wide range of legal concerns. The majority of the cases she handles involve contract disputes and commercial law. She also handles legal matters involving international affairs, human rights violations, and entertainment law. Additionally, her law firm offers trial consultant services for a variety of civil and criminal matters. No two cases are exactly alike, so Patrice Sheridan always utilizes a personalized approach. Numerous clients have commended her personal service and attention to detail.


A compassionate person, Patrice Sheridan cares deeply about the wellbeing of her clients. She recognizes the stressful nature of the legal process and is willing to do whatever it takes to ease this burden. She takes great pride in her ability to build strong relationships with her clients. These individuals always feel comfortable sharing the details of their respective legal situations, as Patrice Sheridan emphasizes open and honest conversation. Her reassuring nature and kindhearted counsel gives way to a more aggressive stance in the courtroom setting, but no matter the situation, she always treats her clients with the respect they deserve.

Patrice Sheridan: Compassionate Legal Service

Whether you require aggressive representation for a contract dispute or a human rights case, it is in your best interest to seek counsel from an attorney with a stellar reputation. The right lawyer can provide much-needed reassurance and, from there, give your case the zealous attention it requires. Regardless of the nature of your current legal concerns, you can benefit from Patrice Sheridan’s compassionate counsel. Get in touch today to learn more about the services offered at her law firm.